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Why buy a Strider balance bike

A bike where the pedals have been removed teaches the balance required to ride a bike, as there is nothing complicated to confuse. Straddling two wheels, with feet planted on the floor your child starts off steady and can progress at their own pace, without the need for ever needing stabilisers. Strider's are the number one globally selling bike for toddlers as they are super light and have the lowest seat height of any balance or no pedal bike, allowing children as young as 1 year old to ride with confidence.

Kids learn balance safely and then when older can move to a heavier bike with pedals. Using a balance bike is now regarded to be the safest way to learn how to ride a bicycle, as stabilisers just teach the child to rock from one side to the other AND the child still needs parents assistance up kurbs etc. A bike with stabilisers means the all important skill, balance, has still to be learnt when the stabilisers are removed. A STRIDER has been proven by a university to improve children's balance and coordination.

They start by walking their bike along, feet safely on the floor and then soon it turns into a running bike - you will see why really quickly!

The Strider is globally becoming the fastest selling balance bike - here's a few reasons why. 

Super-light Bike weighs just 2.9 k.g

Light enough for the smallest of toddlers to lift independently 

Some balance bikes are over 7 k.g and scare the little ones!

Puncture Proof Tyres EVA polymer No punctures, or costly repairs - no downtime 
No tool assemblyAnyone can build this bike in under 5 minutes and spares are cheap.

Can be used anywhere - steel frame for strength

All terrain tyres on light but super tough rims

Come racing with us- Strider Cup racing is free across the UK
No steering limiter fitted - learn balance by feelSafer and in case of a spill the handlebars fold out the way

Standard seat post included with bike

Lowest Seat position of 28 cm (inside leg)

Highest seat position 40.5 cm (inside leg)

Small enough for toddlers from as soon as they can toddle

Optional accessory, Extra long seat post

Extends seat position up to 48 cms (inside leg)

Will allow taller children to ride the bike, minimal cost of just £9.99 

Buy with the bike at the same time for a discount

Optional Rear brake kit available

Safe foot operated brake - handlebar brakes are too difficult for toddlers to control

We suggest that you retro fit this later when and if required.

Padded Handlebar includedA little bit of added protection and looks great!
Non slip Launchpad Footrests

Somewhere to put feet when coasting - mimics the pedal position 

Child learns balance in the correct position to start.

Six Vibrant colour options 

Branded specials for avid fans

A colour to suit everyone's tastes and standard spec. BMX parts will fit.

Strider branding on bike can be removed to customise or buy ready done

Suitable for children 18 mths to 5 yrs.Will cater for children's requirements for longer than any other bike.
Never need stabilisers!We guarantee you won't need stabilisers - this bike will teach balance
One bike fits all

No need for unstable tricycles, ride ons or rocky smart trikes.

Learn and have fun from the start with STRIDER

Improvements over the ST2 2011 bike.Full details

The STRIDER teaches your child balance, coordination and develops confidence safely from the start. Pedalling is easy to learn later, its the all important balance that needs to be taught, and the STRIDER has no pedals so that kids can concentrate solely on learning control, direction and getting those motor skills improved.

Step 1 At first the kids grab the handle bars, straddle the bike and walk without ever sitting down on the seat. And they are completely stable: Two wheels, front and back, with nothing complicated in between. With feet firmly on the ground, and hands bracing the handle bar grips. Try not to intervene too- they will learn quicker if they can just take it at their own pace.

The next step: Kids quickly learn to sit down, push their feet and zip right along as they balance on two wheels.

Watch them learn!

Your child becomes significantly more mobile. The Strider™ opens up a whole world for your child to ride on. Our own children frequently use a local BMX track, on their Strider.

And unlike other bikes that sit in the garage, gathering dust while your child waits to grow into them, the Strider™ bike will get plenty of use from day one. In fact we guarantee that your child will love their Strider™.All bikes come with a 60 day no quibble returns policy!

Still have questions? Check out the FAQ's, guides and videos or even easier still call us. 0800 6440648 or chat to us on live chat. 


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